Key Benefits of Recovery
  • Quick recovery from shore or by barge
  • Complete engine and out-drive repair or rebuild
  • Complete interior and electrical repair and or replacement capabilities.

Each recovery has to be priced according to the difficulty and the amount of damage to the craft

The RIGHT way to Recovery

The Right Way

Recovery 1

The gentleman who owned this boat took it in for service, had the boat detailed and took it out for a spin on the lake.

Recovery 2

He brought the boat back to the dock, tied it up and had to hurry off to meet someone. He was gone all weekend, and when he got back, he got a call from his neighbor that something was wrong with his boat.

Recovery 3

Unfortunately, when he launched the boat, he forgot one important thing. He forgot to put the plug in it. Water can’t come in the plug hole as long as the boat is moving forward, so it didn’t matter how long he drove around before returning to the dock. There was no sign of a leak, because he didn’t stay at the dock long enough to see it.

Recovery 4

Gregory’s Marine was able to left his boat out, pump out all the water and completely rebuild the engine and out-drive.

Recovery 5

Fortunately for the owner, he had good insurance coverage.

The WRONG way to Recovery

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